Toddler Watches Dancers On Stage Then Quickly Steals The Show As He Flips Around.

Dancing is something most of us feel in our souls where our heartbeat pulsates with the rhythm and the sound fuels our movement!

This is how one little boy felt exactly during an exciting traditional Chinese dancing street performance.

As the dancers focused on their own routine, this little boy decided to show off his moves to the crowd.

Thankfully Mom had a camera on the camera ready to capture this wonderful moment forever!

He sat quietly to the side mesmerized by the music around him before he darted onto the dancefloor.

Then, this little guy broke away without giving his mother any warning and began dancing on stage alongside the professionals.

His adoring mother was able to focus the lens on her sweet boy quickly!

He was full of impressive dance moves and as he wanted to share them with the world.

Stage fright isn’t something that was an issue for this little guy.

Take a look at any young child and you’ll see that embarrassment or self-consciousness just isn’t part of their world.

All they want to do is dance their hearts out to music, as a parent you can’t help but smile.

Take a look at the adorable video as the young boy takes to his own makeshift stage.

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