Teacher Realises Triplets Only Speak To Each Other Until She Discovers They Were Starving Orphans.

hen the Yeckes Triplets didn’t seem to care much about school when they arrived at Valley High School in Las Vegas.

The trio of sisters Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra came across as defensive toward teachers, counselors, and authoritative figures.

They were failing their classes and had poor attendance, and kept to themselves relying only on each other.

The school introduced c programme to the triplets called GEAR UP Program, which provided them with extra care and support.

With the GEAR UP staff, the more the triplets felt safe and secure they improved their grades and attendance.

Finally, they opened up about their situation which was more horrifying than anyone could have imagined.

When they were just 3 months old their mother died and their father was incarcerated when they began 6th grade.

So off they went to live with their grandmother, but they didn’t attend school until they were age 8 since she didn’t believe in schooling.

Their father moved in with the girls when he got out of jail but he would leave them to fend for themselves for weeks at a time.

Living arrangements with him soon came to a halt after their house was shot up while they were home alone.

The girls moved in with their grandparents, who were terribly neglectful.

A portion of the triplets lives was spent homeless, without food, clothing, and transportation.

But with the help of their GEAR UP teachers, the triplets overcame the loss of both parents and homeless situation.

They maintained their GPA above 3.0 while taking advanced courses, and participated in activities while working jobs as “unaccompanied minors,” all three sisters are now bound for college.

Their amazing story inspired the Fox Surprise Squad to be present in secret for their graduation day.

In the video below, the Yeckes Triplets are pulled aside after receiving their diplomas… the entire school watches on as they’re given the surprise of their life.

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