Starving student is homeless with nowhere to go, then janitor prompts him to open ‘secret’ closet.

Whether you’re a teacher, nurse, guidance counselor or janitor when working at a school it’s unlike any other job .

Working with children means being there for the kids to offer support to those who come from tough conditions.

Carolyn Collins will confirm exactly that.

She works as a janitor at Tucker High School in Georgia — but that’s not what Carolyn’s is really known for.

Two teens approached Carolyn three years ago as they wanted to share their story with someone they trusted.

The children told her that they had nowhere else to go as they were homeless and hungry.

Carolyn began a project following that meeting which has turned into the perfect place to go for students in need of help.

She proceeded to set up a “Care Closet” at the school.

The idea of the Care Closet is where homeless children can get supplies to help them through life and school.

In the small storage room, Carolyn has a collection of supplies that she stores there.

She opens the door and allows them to take whatever they need whenever a homeless or hungry student needs something, chocolate usually suffices.

This isn’t an isolated issue at Tucker High School there are 1.2 million students that were homeless between 2014 and 2015 in the U.S.

People like Carolyn really make a difference to other lives.

Every year, she pays for most of the supplies out of her own pocket as her closet helps support around 30 students.

This amazing woman deserves all the thanks in the world!

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