Parents Express Strong Opinions About This Restaurant Ban On Kids Who Cry

While out enjoying a meal at a restaurant there has no doubt been an occasion when an unruly child disrupts your night by crying, screaming or just generally making a racket.

Perhaps you’re the parent of the child that’s desperately searching for an exit strategy as your child makes a schene,  all while wolfing down your meal before the situation progressively worse and it’s really time to leave.

This Californian restaurant decided to do something controversial about the issue.

Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monetary enforced a policy that prohibits strollers, high chairs or booster seats inside the restaurant.

In addition to that, children who cry or making loud noises are also not allowed inside the dining room.

Dianna G, Yelp user shared this review on the clear rules posted on the restaurant’s sign.

The restaurant claim they have not refused customers with children, but that the sign often deters families with young children from dining there.

According to the site, since 2009 the restaurant has not allowed strollers or high chairs on the premises claiming they made it difficult for servers to get through to tables.

In 2011, to “provide an overall enhanced dining experience for guests who frequently dine at the restaurant, by giving them an alternative place to eat on Fisherman’s Wharf that has a quiet atmosphere,” they adopted this children’s policy.

Reiterating that they serve families with children daily and “only ask that they abide by our rules.”

The policy has certainly been debatable, while some herald it for giving diners a quiet and distraction-free option, with others finding it unnecessary and discriminatory.

Gayle Browning, aka TeamMomScooter on twitter sings the praise of this policy, citing many restaurant meals are ruined by “screaming/whining/crying brats whose ignorant parents don’t control them.”

On the other side of the debate, Yelper says she wouldn’t give the restaurant her business for what she sees as a “blatantly discriminatory” policy, writing:

We didn’t bother giving them a try after seeing their sign about no strollers and no loud kids. This is crazy, I’ve never seen something so blatantly discriminatory.

Chris Shake, the restaurant owner is unapologetic about the policy.

Despite those who think it’s wrong his perspective is that it’s actually good for business.

Shake explains.  “We have many families who dine with us with their children who are well behaved and understand our policy with respect to other diners, what we have found on those who write negative reviews about our policy are those who have not dined here but become offended by the sign and our policy.


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