News anchor reports on tragic accident – moments later she realises her husband is the victim

News anchors have one purpose and that to present facts in the most accurate and correct way.

Supreet Kaur Indian newsreader was reporting on a brutal car accident in her usual professional manner.

In the past, she had reported on horrific stories so initially, this accident was nothing that she couldn’t handle.

Until she actually realized that the victim was her husband.

For nine years Surpreet has been working for the Indian TV channel IBC24 so she is a seasoned pro until now she has never been personally hit by the news previously.

Just like any other day she got behind her desk and started reading the news that day like she had thousands of times before.

The news was about a horrific car accident, which she had no idea would change her life forever.

As more details of the story were revealed the more she suspected who the victim was.

She realized that it was her husband who had died in the car crash once she got all the detailed information.

Despite this terrible news, Supreet continued her job as professional as she always has.

Surpreet and her husband had only been married for 18 months.

Once Supreet’s colleagues discovered out what had happened, they fell apart while Surpreet kept completely calm.

It would be a terribly difficult situation for anyone. But Supreet controlled her anxiety, remained fully composed and showed exemplary commitment to her job. We are proud of her,” one of her colleagues explains.

Surpreet completely broke down, immediately after the broadcast which is totally understandable.

All our thoughts go out to her family.

Published By Viraline News.