Little Girl Severley Injured By Safety Belt From Simple Mistake: Her Mom Is Now Warning All Parents!

Time and time again we hear how wearing a seat belt can be a matter of life or death.

This is something we should all take heed of and respect rather than just let it be a thought.

The days of piling into one car or driving around without a belt are well and truly gone.

We often find it uncomfortable to wear a seat belt and sometimes slide the strap under my armpit.

Many parents are completely unaware of the risks posed by an improperly strapped belt which can be extremely dangerous.

Some parents continue to strap their small children directly on the car seat before they are actually aware of the appropriate height.

6-year-old Samantha Swartwout was on route home with her dad from a trade fair when they suddenly collided with a tree.

Samantha suffered very serious injuries and was taken to hospital unconscious, where the doctors had to sew together her severely injured belly.

In order to keep all of Samantha organs in place, doctors had to use advanced technology.

Samantha’s dad escaped with significantly fewer injuries if Samantha had been in a booster seat and had her seat belt correctly fastened she might have escaped as well.

Following the accident, Samantha suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome as well as terrifying nightmares.

Samantha’s mother Shelly Martin wants to warn other parents of the possible outcome if they leave their children to ride without a seat too early.

Shelly explains. “It only takes a second to put your child in a proper car seat, it will take the better part of a year for her to heal from this. ‘Mantha will still need another surgery sometime in the next few months…”

She is also afraid to be by herself, there are so many sides to the aftermath that people don’t think about,” she adds.

Her injuries could have been completely avoided if Samantha had been strapped in the booster properly.

For more details on booster safety tips watch the video below.

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