Woman warns others after being rushed to hospital with crucial face burns from this kitchen device.

Nowadays with health and wellbeing so much in the limelight, the majority of the population have invested in the ever popular Nutribullet or similar, a product which you are bound to find in most households these days.

This appliance comes as an ideal accessory for the kitchen which can blend up a healthy drink in a matter of minutes.

This smoothie lover device may not be all that it claims especially when it comes to the safety factors.

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In 2007 one woman tried to use it claiming that her device “exploded”  and resulted in serious burns to her body and filed a lawsuit against NutriBullet.

“I went to the emergency room because it was just so much pain, it was burning so much,” she claims.

Apparently, this isn’t an isolated incident as a number of similar cases have been reported of the explosion occurring without any warning signs resulting in those nearby being injured.

Recently a lawsuit claims that the canister of the blender can, in fact, pressurize to the point where an explosion is a possibility..

In addition to that if it doesn’t occur a question still remains to the overall safety of the device.

The blenders pose a safety risk to users as well as other people — including children — who may be in close proximity to the blender when it explodes,” the filing reads.

Despite its knowledge, NutriBullet fails to warn its consumers that the product may explode posing a serious safety risk to users and any living thing in the proximity of the explosion.”

As for NutriBullet themselves, they defended the quality of their products in a statement to CBS MoneyWatch, stating that they were safe so long as the instructions in the manual are followed.

The company claims “NutriBullet is dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of its customers. Every day, millions of customers safely use the NutriBullet to blend nutritious smoothies from fruits, vegetables, and nuts.”

NutriBullets are safe and present no issue if used as directed, such as not blending heated foods, or using the blender for longer than necessary to make a smoothie, which is generally less than one minute.”

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