Woman finds baby buried alive: 20 years later he tries to locate her and discovers this.

For many people, the birth of a child is well-planned, as it is a long-awaited moment of joy, but sadly that’s not the case for everyone.

On 16 May 1998, Azita Milanian was out jogging with her dogs in Southern California on a Saturday evening.

She had declined an invitation to go dancing with her friends.

While out on the walk, one of her dogs stopped during the run all of a sudden and began to dig a specific area.

Azita was shocked to see what the dog had found as she saw two small feet poking out of the ground.

Assuming the child wasn’t alive until he began to cry, so quickly she dug out the newborn, whose umbilical cord remained hanging from his belly button.

According to a source she said to the baby “Please don’t die, I will never leave you, I love you.”

The child wasn’t just dumped there, he was also buried alive by some cruel person.

What kind of inconsiderate person could do something so terrible to a newborn baby?

Azita says “He grabbed my wrist and stopped crying, it was very emotional.”

The abandoned baby received immediate care when Azita rushed him to the hospital.

Despite his body temperature being life-threateningly low 80°F (27°C) he did survive the ordeal.

The nurses at the hospital have decided to name him Christian.

The authorities have tried to locate the person who abandoned but they came up empty-handed.

A month later the police received an anonymous phone call from a woman claiming to be the mother.

She hung up after she asked what the punishment would be.

The authorities suspect that the mother was quite young and dumped the child when she panicked after giving birth.

Azita did consider adopting Christian herself,  she thought it would be too easy for someone to find him.

She made an effort to stay informed on Christian’s wellbeing for a period of time, however, once the child was adopted it wasn’t possible anymore.

Azita lived in hope that someday he might come to find her just as she found him.

But years passed by and she didn’t hear anything, well not for 20 years at least.

Christian was adopted by a kind family who loved him and called him Matthew but they kept Christian as his middle name.

When Matthew turned 17 he discovered that his parents weren’t actually his biological ones.

A radio show approached Matthew’s when he was 20 and heard his story, they wondered if he would consider taking a DNA test and getting the results live on air.

He agreed then as the radio producers found out about Azita while researching the story, they invited her too.

 Azita was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the baby she rescued all those years ago had been adopted by a good family.

Matthew said he couldn’t imagine a better upbringing than the one he received.

“I’m here today. I’ve lived a great life, I was adopted into a great family. I couldn’t ask my parents for anymore.” Matthew explains.

Azita took Matthew to the place where she found him 20 years earlier on the day of the reunion as it was Matthew’s birthday.

When Azita and Matthew recognized the place that could’ve been his grave that moment was an emotional one.

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