Woman didn’t expect this response after she waves to bear from her car.

This cuddly giant bear is certainly after building a fan base of his own online after this video was posted on the internet.

The grizzly bear live in Olympic Game Farm in Washington, where hundreds of other animals live in the large areas.

It’s unclear how he managed to make his way to the farm perhaps he was rescued from a zoo unable to be sent back out into the wilderness.

Here he has the free will to live as he pleases and on occasion people make trip’s to the farm to witness some of natures wonders.

Following a visit to the farm for such sights, this woman saw the bear and decided to give him a wave, she didn’t expect the hilarious response received in return.

People visit the farm to discover more about animals and wildlife in general as it’s not possible to see their natural environment otherwise.

Sitting in her car one day a visitor waved to the bear only to her surprise he started waving back.

It’s a very short clip but watch their hilarious encounter in the video below.

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