Wife mourns hero who lost his life to save boys trapped in cave– people are now celebrating him all over the world

Over the last few weeks, the story of the Thai soccer team has made headlines after they got stuck in the Tham Luang Nan Non caves.

In an enduring 17 day operation, the world watched in anticipation as the 12 young boys ranging from ages 11-16 were saved all with their coach.

Heroes from all around the globe gathered to offer this assistance to help rescue the team during this very challenging time.

Dr. Richard Harris from Australia decided to cut short his vacation and head the rescue mission and prioritize the life of these boys.

A former member of the elite Thai Navy SEALs unit  Samarn Kunan ended up risking his own life to rescue the team.

Following the rescue mission his now widowed wife has an important message to share with others.

On 6th July just two days prior to the first four boys making it out Samarn sadly passed away after losing consciousness while trying to provide the boys with oxygen tanks deep inside the cave. Samarn had only joined the mission on July 1 five days prior to this tragic incident of his passing.

Valeepoan Kunan his widow claims she is heartbroken after losing her husband, who unfortunately was the only casualty during the multinational rescue mission.

I love you so much,” she posted on her Instagram account and wrote in a caption on a black-and-white photograph of her husband adding “I miss you. I love you like you are my very heart…from now on when I wake up…who will I kiss?”

However, Valeepoan is explaining to the boys they are not to blame themselves for his death.

I want to tell the boys, please don’t blame yourselves,” Valeepoan told reporters. In honor of Samarn sacrificing his life for their cause, the boys had a ceremony to mourn him.

“Samarn Kunan is the real hero,” head of the rescue mission Narongsak Osottanakorn said. “On the day that he passed, the entire team was sad, but we used this sorrow. We saw that he gave his life for this cause.”

A Thai artist is hoping to create and erect a statue of Samarn in Chiang Rai province, at the location where the cave is situated in order for him to be remembered and honored for eternity.

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