Warning For Families To Drain Paddling Pools To Prevent Vampire Horseflies Breeding After Heatwave.

With countries enjoying a heatwave for the longest period on time in almost 40 years, these vampire-like pests call horseflies are breeding rapidly.

With the help of the heat and water from our children’s paddling pools, they have the ideal breeding factors.

In order to prevent these pests from multiplying the NHS has advised the public to drain off any water remaining in the pools.

As the horseflies adore water and because of the current temperature the heat only helps their reproduction and survival.

The main concern is when people get bitten by these nasty insects as almost 9000 people have contacted the NHS helpline to report these incidents.

One often needs a course of antibiotics should they become infected as they leave quite a rather painful bite.

According to Dr Nick Scriven, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, bites from vampire horseflies can indeed be particularly nasty and extremely sore.

He explains the BBC: “They actually give one of the nastier bites, because they take a chunk out of you.”

They can be very painful, and can take a while to heal, and as result can get infected and need antibiotics.”

The prime breeding grounds for these vampire horseflies are the paddling pools our young children splash around in.

We don’t want to encourage or attract more of these pests increasing chances of our little ones being bitten.

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