Strangers spot dog sneak up behind man in wheelchair – video captures what happens next.

Danilo Alarcon from Davao in the Philippines was left paralyzed following a tragic accident and he was finding it difficult to move forward in life.

Unfortunately for him, the city in which he resides is not equipped properly to cater to those that are confined to a wheelchair, resulting in him feeling bleak about this future.

Soon enough a blessing came into his life, one that would bring happiness back to existence in his daily life.

Danilo was left badly injured following a serious motorbike crash where doctors had declared him paralyzed from the waist down.
Danilo knew life would be tough now that he had to make adjustments, the fact that his homeplace was not disabled friendly didn’t help the situation.

Not long after he came across a friendly little dog called Digong and they connected instantly.

Having lived together for seven months now, Danilo teaches Digong how to help him get around the city.

His four-legged friend helps push Danilo around the city so without he would even find it difficult to leave the house.

But thanks to Digong, it allows him to get out about just like everyone else.

This story is touching hearts all over the world and making headlines everywhere.

All thanks to a woman called Faith Revilla and her husband Danjo, who filmed the pair the video has spread like wildfire online.

Have a look at the clip below:

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Published by Viraline News.