Siblings sing heart out in duet, but look who suddenly sneaks up behind them.

Almost every family has that one child who has a natural talent for making everyone laugh.

They take each possible opportunity to find the humor in any situation.

In my case, our younger brother was most certainly the joker of our family, he found any excuse or situation to see the funny side of something.

Often he landed himself in trouble as a result but he was definitely the electric spark of our clan.

Seeing this video reminded exactly of something our joker would have done.

Scroll down and take a look at the video below.

Kate and Liam sat down to practice a duet version of the song “Think About You”, while their mom decided to film it.

As their younger sister lays down on the bed behind them they begin to sing the song together but after a few moments, another child suddenly appears in the background.

Thier younger brother Johnny just couldn’t resist being left out of his siblings’ performance.

Whats even funnier is the siblings have no idea what’s going on right behind them.

I can’t imagine how the mother stopped herself from bursting out with laughter during the video, take a look below:

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