Little Girls Find Lost Giant Dog On Road And Discover The Sad Detail About It’s Owner

This family completely adore animals and have often come to the rescue for lots of abandoned or stray animals, bringing the abandoned animals home to care for them until they can find them anew loving home.

“We can’t save the world, but we can do something about the one in front of us,” is a family motto of theirs.

Melissa Ringstaff and her family took a two-hour drive out of town in August then all of a sudden they spotted a big Great Pyrenees laying in the middle of the road.

Once she spotted him Melissa was convinced he’d been struck by a car as he didn’t move while the other cars swerved around him,

Immediately they turned the car around and got out to go over and check on the injured animal.

Once they got closer to the dog he sprung to his feet and approached them.

What Melissa realized just then is that he hadn’t been struck by a car, but his circumstances were still upsetting.

Melissa wrote on YouTube. “It was then we realized why he was there,” his companion, another dog, had been hit by a car and lay on the side of the road where he’d been guarding.”

The family tried to load the dog into their truck, but for some reason, he didn’t seem to want to move.

So they decided that if he was still there on their way home, they would give it another attempt.

10 hours later on their route home sure enough, there he was in the exact same location.

This time, however, he had moved a little further down the embankment into the grass.

A local resident passed by as they loaded the huge dog into their truck, he explained that his owners had moved away and left the two dogs behind to fend for themselves.

This poor animal had been sitting alone there outside on the roadside for days.

The Ringstaff family brought Tucker home with them and they instantly fell in love with him.

Tucker’s rescue wasn’t quite over yet…take a look at the video below to see why.

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