Kids ignore mobile phone warnings at the gas station, whole family horrified after explosion.

Many people accidentally or deliberately ignore safety regulations when using a cell phone end up accidentally injuring either themselves or others.

Despite the warning signs, this couple allowed their children to play games on their cell phones at a gas station.

Nearly everyone is aware that when parked up you should “Never use a mobile phone at a gas station” as dialing, receiving calls or texting is prohibited.

Apparently, its very simple to cause unfortunate consequences.

In this incident the wife and husband permitted their children to use the phone at the gas station according to the video.

Using a cell phone can cause unforeseen fires in places of high risk such as gas stations.

Following the explosion, the man dropped to the ground as the fire blazed.

Moments later, the car exploded with the family still inside the parked vehicle.

One man fainted when he witnessed the incident.

Once staff at the gas station realized what had just occurred they quickly called for rescue.

Take a look at the incident in the video below:

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