Kidnapped Girl Begs Store Clerk For Help So She Jumps Into Action.

One just never knows when you might be required to help someone in desperate need.

On a normal Wednesday afternoon Savannah Pritchett of Lubbock, Texas, was at work when she received such a call to help.

Savannah is now referred to as a hero for helping to save a young woman’s life.

Pritchett works as a store clerk at the Waterford Triple R Gas and Mart in Fresno, California, and claims it was just a regular day when this young woman walks into the store and grabs hold of her arm.

When she grabbed me she was very very shaky, she was like ‘Please, please help me, I saw in her eyes and how bad she was shaking that oh no, she was scared,” Savannah explains,

Quickly the woman tried to explain she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by the group of men waiting outside.

Once they pulled over to refill the vehicle with gas, the girl lied pretending she needed the toilet.

She explained to Savannah that she was desperate to escape them, but they were armed with at least two guns.

She probably said ‘please, help me’ four times,” Savannah said, recalling the moment she knew this woman was telling the truth about her awful predicament.

Having to think off the cuff Savannah brought her to a remote, staff-only bathroom toward the back of the store.

She told her to lock the door as she gave her a phone to dial 911 to contact the police, before going back to the front of the store.

As the men approached the store, Savannah unlocked the door in order not to arouse their suspicions.

“I knew that if I left the door locked they would have caught on to something and probably took off,” she explained. “So I went back up there and I unlocked the door. They seriously had no idea that I knew anything.”

Savannah made up a tale about the girl having lady trouble when the men questioned her whereabouts.

As the minutes passed, Savannah was holding her breath, waiting for the police to arrive, soon enough the deputies arrived with their weapons drawn.

The female victim was checked out at a local hospital and released, then brought back to her home and reunited with her family.

At the scene, there were a number of suspects arrested and whisked away in handcuffs, while police recovered two handguns from their vehicle.

Eventually, the four suspects were taken in custody ensuring that others were aware of the possible outcome if Savannah had not intervened.

Savannah is living proof that if you remain your cool in stressful situations lives can be saved.

You just never know when you could become the hero someone needs at that point in time.

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