Janitor Asked To Clean Mess In Gym But He Is Shocked By ‘Surprise’ In Rubbish Bin.

When it comes to managing and operating a school there are many different levels of assistance and skills required,  from cleaning staff to administration and teachers.

As the saying goes it takes a village to raise one child but in order to make things run smoothly in a school, you need a team of dedicated people.

Although each person in the school has a specific purpose in the operation of things, certain staff don’t always get recognition.

Without janitors, in particular, the schools wouldn’t be the same without them.

This particular group of schoolkids decided to do something to show their appreciation to their janitor.

Ricky Spaulding a janitor at Anderson County High in Lexington, Kentucky and he is admired by all at his school for his efforts.

Ricky is a lovely person and tries to make a difference to everyone’s day but there was something missing from his own life.

He hadn’t seen his son in over a year as he was living in Italy and just recently he had a new grandchild, that he had never seen either.

Unfortunately, Ricky being a janitor didn’t exactly have all the extra money to spend on a flight to Italy.

Due to his finances being so tight he was unable to afford a flight for both him and his wife to fly to Italy and visit his family.

That’s when the staff at the school came up with this fantastic idea, where they collected donations for a number of weeks to surprise Ricky.

Through a number of avenues, they raised enough funds from students, staff, and parents.

The plan was to raise enough to surprise Ricky with a flight to Italy and reunite him with his son.

Together all the students, parents, and staff began raised enough cash for their much-loved janitor.

Amazingly they managed to raise $1,900 and they planned a unique surprise to present it to Ricky.

Ricky was so emotional when the entire school gathered to present him with this surprise gift.

He couldn’t believe that so many people went to this effort, what a beautiful display of kindness.

Take a look at the video below to see Ricky and his wife’s reactions at Anderson County High.

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