Irish Girl ‘WOWS’ Harry And Meghan With Her Real Life Drawing Of The Couple.

Following the hype of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, many people from around the globe have traveled to England to share their love.

Often their beloved fans will arrive with gifts such as chocolates or flowers but this Irish girl certainly has something more appealing to offer.

19-year-old Chloe Mullins from Ireland had spent weeks working on her artistic creation and was ready to deliver her present to the royal couple.

After planning the presentation for days now Chloe had finally located the perfect location and moment to give the handsome pair their gift.

Little did she realize how much her artwork would impress the newlyweds Meghan and Harry.

Harry and Meghan took a short trip over to Ireland to meet their admirers for the first official tour outside of the United Kingdom.

Chloe hanging off the guard rails waving something strange at him when Harry noticed her.

wondering what she was trying to give him Harry made his way towards Chloe with Meghan in tow.

Once the royal couple drew closer, the image Chloe had personally done more visible. It was an amazing hand drawing of one of their official engagement photos!

The couple were in were in awe and the detail and effort put into this masterpiece.

A Harry looked at Chloe he excitedly claimed:

That’s very, very good. Did you draw that? It’s lovely… And you’ve given me more hair!”

Meghan let out a loud giggle at his comment, however, she was equally impressed with Chloe’s artwork.

Leaning over to Chloe Meghan claimed the image was like a replica of the original photo.

Chloe was chuffed with this compliment but she was in for another surprise.

Harry looked at Chloe’s artwork again and asked her politely requested if he could keep it to bring it home.

Chloe’s couldn’t believe this was happening Harry had requested to keep her sketch so she would allow the royal couple to have it.

 As her heart raced with excitement Chloe shared the thrilling news on Instagram.

Ya girl’s artwork going to Kensington Palace! Delighted to have gotten to talk to them and have them keep my drawing! They’re genuinely so nice… 

Still not over meeting them… couldn’t ask for a better compliment than Meghan saying my drawing ‘looked like a photo’ and was ‘so special.’ Great day!”

The encounter with Meghan and Harry has left a lasting impact on the young artist as there was no obligation for the couple to stop and engage with Chloe.

This will be a moment she’ll forget and cherish the fact that her drawings was chosen to be placed in their home!

Have a look at the video below to see Meghan and Harry’s reaction to Chloe’s drawing below.

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