Hairdresser notices top of client’s scalp – makes life-saving discovery by giving her this advice.

Eileen Corey was due to take her regular trip to her hairdresser to get a new hairstyle.

Her hairdresser works alone so was able to give her undivided attention, and thankfully so as she discovered something that may have saved Eileen’s life.

A lesson for us all, proving how important it is to pay attention when others offer advice on our health.

Eileen worked as a health correspondent for the tv channel WKYC in Cleveland, USA for a long period of time.

It goes to show that even health professionals can fall ill, if it wasn’t for her hairdresser she may have suffered a lot worse.

Kari Philips has been Eileen’s hair stylist with the last 15 years.

Over time both woman naturally became friends that’s why when Kari spotted something unusual she didn’t hold back in telling her.

She noticed a large spot on Eileen’ scalp, which hadn’t been there the month before.

On Eileen’s scalp, she saw a large spot which concerned her as it wasn’t there previously.

We can see pretty much the whole entire scalp,” Kari explains.

She told Eileen “It doesn’t look right, I don’t remember seeing it. And I want you obviously to go to your dermatologist and look at it.”

Following Kari’s recommendation, Eileen decided to make an appointment to go see a specialist.

Eileen discovered that she had in fact melanoma after results came back from the biopsy carried out by the doctor.

“I would not have seen this. I would not have felt it, because it wasn’t raised. There was nothing to see,” she told WKYC Channel 3.

If it wasn’t for her hairdresser Eileen may not have realized anything was wrong, luckily it was detected early, once removed it didn’t require further treatment.

Eileen claims she is forever grateful to her hairdresser’s for being so observant and highlights how important is it to protect yourself in the sun.

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