7-Year-Old Girl Failed To Survive A Tragic Car Accident But It Could Have Been Prevented

According to Michigan authorities, seven-year-old DeSandra Thomas was sending police message to try to get help for her father after he crashed their car, as she crossed the highway early that Sunday morning she was struck and unfortunately did not survive the impact.

Sadly this little girl’s dad had apparently driven under the influence at roughly 3:30 a.m. that’s when he swerved off the I-94 in Detroit, Michigan State Police said he went into an abandoned car and straight through a fence.

The father only sustained a head injury and is still in the hospital, according to authorities.

DeSandra was under the impression that her father had passed away, she reached for her backpack and cell phone and climbed over the broken fence and took off to get help, as mention on Twitter by Lt. Mike Shaw.

The 7-year-old text a 911 dispatcher from the Romulus Police Department who was trying to “keep her in the same safe spot so help could get there,” while she wandered down the highway, Shaw said.

Unfortunately she was struck before we were able to locate her,” he added.

Michigan State Police received a phone call from a woman who said she thought she had hit a person but did not see anyone, just moments after the Thomas’ accident, said the department.

Her car was searched by trooper but they could not see any evidence that she had struck someone, nor were they able to find a person or animal nearby.

Later the authorities discovered that Romulus police were if fact also conduction an investigation into a drunk driving accident where a girl had texted who was in the car and had been seeking assistance.

After pinging and tracking the cell phone, they eventually found the 7-year-old in the median.

Eventually, the little girl was located in the median after attempts on pining and tracking her cell phone.

Michigan State Police said the little girl had tragically passed away instantly following the impact.  

“This is a very sad case and something we talk about all the time. The horrible effects of driving impaired,” Shaw said. “Here’s a 7-year-old girl who is not going to go to prom. She’s not going to graduate high school, go to college, have kids, have a career.”

Police continue to investigate the initial drunk driving crash while DeSandra’s fatal accident is being handled by the Michigan State authorities.

The girl’s father is still in the hospital as of  Monday and is being treated for “some type of head trauma,” Shaw said on Twitter, that officials do not expect an arraignment in the case this week.

DeSandra was about to begin third grade and she adored gymnastics and going shopping, her mother, Sandria Burts describes her daughter as a “beautiful and selfless angel” who was wise beyond her years.

She was taking care of others since she could walk,” her mother explains.

Burts describes the loss of her daughter “a void that will never be filled.”

Anybody that she touched she was a blessing to them,” she told the station, adding that she had tried to have children for 20 years before finally getting pregnant with DeSandra. “It’s straight emptiness. We are in shock but I know God is good and he is the only one that’s going to be able to bring me and my family through this.

Burts claims she was working when she received a call informing her that her daughter DeSandra had been involved in an accident and was trying to find help after her ex-husband crashed a car while allegedly drinking and driving.

Her husband, Anthony Burts, refers to his little girl as a “hero.”

“At such a tender age she was selfless. She didn’t care about herself, she was racing against time to save her father as anyone with a heart of gold would have,” he wrote.

“Fly high baby girl.”

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