4-Yr-Old Traumatised After Car Wreck, Firefighter Does This To Calm Him.

“I guess I was just in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing,” firefighter Casey Lessard explains.

One can expect this type of comment from those first responders who do incredible work at the scene of accidents every day.

Firefighters, EMS, and police officers are under the impression that their job is just part and parcel of their work while at the same time they are in fact, real-life heroes.

As a firefighter, Casey Lessard was called out to a scheme of an accident on a highway close in D’Iberville, Mississippi.

A woman Vanessa Darnell was driving with her five children in the car, all of who are under the age of seven when all of a sudden her SUV flipped over on an exit ramp.

The youngest two kids were in car seats, while the others remained unrestrained,  three of the children along with their mother were ejected from the vehicle as it rolled over a number of times.

Thankfully people close by quickly raced to the car contacted the police and retrieved the two remaining children.

Vanessa and four of the children were in a critical state and were rushed to the hospital whole little Gabriel, age four, remained behind awaiting transport.

Chief Gerald Smith remarks, “He’s scared because of the incident, but also because he’s by himself.”

Firefighter Casey noticed the child as he lay sobbing on a backboard. He instantly acknowledged how scary this incident must be for a young child nevermind having to witness your family being injured and rushed away from you.

He knew exactly what was going on, and because he knew what was going on, I tried to take his mind off of it,” Casey said.

Lying down on the hard pavement next to Gabriel, Casey simply started talking to him. “His favorite color is yellow and green. He likes turtles, and he likes ‘Paw Patrol,I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds like a cartoon about dog police officers? Casey explains.

“Here are all these strangers and loud noises, and I only imagine he was hurting every way, so I talked to him and asked him questions. He kept reaching out for a hug, but we couldn’t take him off the backboard because he could have had spinal injuries. He just wanted someone to be there for him.”

A former Los Angeles firefighter Rick Camarena, who happened to pass at the time, handed Casey his cell phone to help distract Gabriel.

Opening up the Netflix app Casey chose  the first kids’ movie that appeared: “Happy Feet.

As the minutes passed, the firefighter managed to calm the little boy by distracting him from what was happending around them with a combination of the movie and conversation.

He was still scared,” Casey said. “He watched (the movie) for a little bit with me, but then he’d go back to fidgeting and worrying about his family.”
A photo of the moment soon hit the internet, where it went viral.

Although Casey is grateful for the media attention, he has mentioned on a number of occasions that he doesn’t feel he did anything special that day.

“I just did my job,” Casey said. “I know everyone else in our department would’ve done the same thing. The other firefighters I work with, the EMTs and paramedics, the local cops and good Samaritans did just as much if not more than me when that call came out. I just happened to be the guy in the photo. I’m not really one for all this attention.”

Eventually, Gabriel was brought to the hospital and reunited with his family where he received several stitches.

His mother will recover soon after breaking her spine and the other children are thankfully all in stable condition.

The situation could have been much worse for this family that day, but thankfully we have the first responders like Casey to thank.

Hear Casey describe the incident in his own words below:

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