Brides Beach Ceremony Ruined, Can’t Believe Stranger Did This On Her Wedding Day.

In some cultures, they say rain can be a good omen on your wedding day, but that opinion might be subject to change if you’ve planned your ceremony outside on a beach as a storm hits.

Not only did it rain on the day that Dulce Gonzalez was due to marry her beloved, Ariel Gonzalez Mass, it poured down from the heavens above.

The couple had first met on the beachfront in Pascagoula, Mississippi which was ruined with heavy rain, wind, and lightning.

As her fifty wedding guests sat inside their cars, Dulce watched helplessly wondered if she would come up with an alternative plan.

I was trying to hold my tears, I’m about to have a panic attack, I’m asking my mom, ‘What am I gonna do?’ said Dulce.

Dulce and Ariel had seen the situation unfold, and thanks to these kind neighbors the wedding would go on.

Since 1999 Cynthia and Shannon Strunk have lived in Pascagoula where they’ve witnessed many wedding vows exchanged on the beach outside their home.

This one particular day as they looked outside at the cars lined up along the beach, they made an instant decision to come to their rescue on this stormy.

Cynthia raced out to the bride’s car and offered to host the wedding ceremony inside their home but requested a few minutes to get the house in order as the Strunks welcomed in all 50 guests.

The bride’s mother started crying at that point and [Dulce] said ‘thank you’ and she had tears in her eyes,” Cynthia said.

Thankfully the Strunks were blessed with a large family so they are only too familiar with hosting big gatherings and set things up promptly.

They had everything set as if we actually planned it,” Dulce exclaimed. “It was perfect. I told my husband that [the Strunks] were little angels that God sent us.”

Dulce and Ariel tied the knot in their living room, surrounded by their friends and family as the Strunks remained out of the way in their kitchen.

After the ceremony the bride’s father decided to make a toast in Spanish, offering thanks to the Strunks for their kind and unexpected hospitality in a time of need.

Dulce is Dominican and Ariel is Puerto Rican, so they translated the families gratitude expresses into English for their new found comrades.

“The father was just so appreciative and they were just such gracious, wonderful people,” Cynthia said. “We were just happy to do it — and to us, it was no big deal.”

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds along with their guests made their way to the reception hall, and Cynthia felt elated knowing she had done something to help others.

Later that day Cynthia decided to share the photographs on her Facebook page, and included this message:

“Saturday afternoon it was our pleasure to host an impromptu wedding at our home. A beachfront wedding had been planned and all was set up and ready, but the weather just did not cooperate. We saw all the guests in their cars waiting (and hoping) for the rain to stop. Shannon and I decided to invite them to have the wedding in our home.

It was a wonderful experience. The wedding party was so gracious and appreciative, and we were thankful that we could offer our home.

I can say that it was the fastest wedding we have ever set up (ten minutes). It was the cheapest. And it was the quickest to clean up. We highly recommend impromptu weddings.”

The couple could have easily turned a blind eye to what was occurring outside their home but as a result of the kindness and generosity displayed they post has gone viral attracting lots of positive comments.

Cynthia and Dulce have promised to keep in contact as they both start their new lives and friendship together.

I did tell them that when they have their first baby that I fully expect them to bring the baby to the house and tell them where it all began,” Cynthia said.

We would all love people like Cynthia and Shannon in our lives when things don’t go as planned.

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