Are You A Mosquito Magnet? Then You Must Read This!

Hand up who loves the summer months, I certainly do! The evenings are longer and with it comes a warmer climate but also some unwanted factor like those pesky mosquitoes.

If you are like me they adore my sweet skin and I mostly end up with red blotches for the bites instead of lovely bronze glow. Anyone else feeling my frustration? I’m forever wondering why I seem to attract them more so than the others in my company.

Well for those of you who are nodding this as you read you’ll be happy to hear there is, in fact, an answer as to why some of us are more prone than other to mozzie bites.

Not surprisingly, there isn’t just one factor that makes a person mosquito food, but rather, multiple factors.

Of course, there are multiple reasons why, some of why we can control and others, well it out of our hands.

Since mosquitoes are miniature bloodsuckers then your blood type is certainly the main factor.

All of you O Blood types will need to pay heed as a study of people in a controlled setting shows they are mostly attracted to your sweet blood.

Type O attracted significantly more of the little buggers than those with Type A as it is a universal donor, so perhaps that explains why mosquitoes are most attracted to it.

Most people secrete a chemical that signals our blood type which your body is throwing up signaling to the mosquitoes where to find you.

Eighty-three percent of those with Type O blood who secrete the chemical became a beacon for mosquitoes.

Unfortunealty there is no way of knowing if you’re a carrier of this chemical, you can probably just assume that you are if you are constantly attacked.

 Carbon dioxide also attracts them so if you breathe too much CO2, then you’re sending the bugs an open invite to come to bite you.

Lactic acid, uric acid, and body temperature are other factors they are attracted to, so if you’re a hot person by nature (we don’t mean by looks) you increase your chances of being bitten.

If you’re the sporty sort you’re elevating your body temperature and raising the amount of lactic acid produced increasing your chances even more.

Fear not, we are about list to factors you do have control over.

I’m sure some of you might agree there is nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot sunny day, take note your beer could be making you more desirable to the mosquitoes.

Follwoing a study that was carreid out with a small group of people and it showed that after drinking one 12 ounce (350 ml) beer, people were more susceptible to bites.

It’s difficult to determine why, but if you’re going to knock back a cold beer outdoors you may want to stand close to a citronella candle.

If you tend to wear darker colors, you’re going to get bitten. Jonathan Day a professor of medical entomology at the University of Florida Vero Beach explains that mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors. Black, navy blue, and red are the biggest attractors.

Seemingly mosquitoes are very visual creatures, especially in the late afternoon so be careful of the colors you choose to wear.

Apparently: only female mosquitoes bite people. They are using the blood they collect not as food, but to get a protein they need to develop their eggs, Joseph Conlon explains, a medical entomologist and technical advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association.

Also if you’re pregnant you are also more likely to get bit as both your body temperature  increases and more carbon dioxide release.)

So there you go we’ve pretty much summed it up for you many reasons seem to be out of our control.

We may not be able to alter ourselves but perhaps we can try not to drink a beer while wearing a black tee shirt.

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Published By Viraline News.