4-year-old boy needs medical help after touching this caterpillar, mother now urgently warns others parents.

Caterpillars are probably the last insect you would worry about causing any harm in general.

Well, you may need to take more caution especially if you hear Lauryn Mae Jordan’s warning following an incident with her son.

Mother of two, residing in the UK,  became concerned as her son Beau became violently sick following an encounter with a caterpillar on the front porch of their home.

She would soon discover the detrimental effect it would have when her son ended up being rushed to the hospital after picking up this ‘harmless’ insect.

In the middle of the night, her 4-year-old son Beau became ill all of a sudden after “touching a caterpillar” where he continued to feel unwell all the next day.

Lauryn, his mother claims that her son’s face was swollen and puffy, and showed signs of drowsiness.

At this point, she became gravely concerned for her son’s well being so she brought him to the hospital as she believed he was victim to a poisonous caterpillar known as the Oak Processionary Moth.

According to reports “His eyes were really puffy,” she said.

They just waited for him to go to the toilet as he hadn’t been drinking any fluids. It was during the night that I was worried.

“I just thought maybe he had got a bug, it wasn’t until my daughter said ‘maybe it’s from the caterpillar that bit him yesterday’ that I thought about it,” she concludes.

According to a source, Beau has no recollection of being unwell after spending a few hours at the hospital. Although he did not require any treatment, Lauryn is hoping to warn other parents about the serious dangers and consequences when children pick up unknown insects.

I didn’t know caterpillars could do this,” Jordan said. “Kids pick up bugs, I just want parents to be aware that this can happen.”

Steve Ogden, from Wildlife Insight, recommended that in general people should stay away from hairy caterpillars this advice is particularly important for people with sensitive skin.

Some people seem to have more sensitive skin than others, particularly children, so to be on the safe side it’s always best to avoid direct skin contact with any hairy caterpillar,” he said.

Take a look at the video below for more details on the possible dangers.

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